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Project Description
This add-in for Visual Studio 2008 allows to export selected code as a reusable Code Snippet (.snippet file format) for Visual Studio 2008. Complete *Visual Basic* source code and a documentation file are provided.

Check out the new version for *Visual Studio 2010 RC*

Note: now available a version for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate here

The add-in adds a menu item to the Code Window context menu. After you select a code snippet in the code editor, just right click the selection. Select the "Export as Code Snippet" command from the context menu:


Then, customize your snippet's properties in the appearing window. The following is a screen shot of the window where you can customize attributes:


Then, you can easily add your code snippet using Intellisense:


This add-in assumes you have a little bit of familiarity with Microsoft XML Schema for Code Snippets, which you can find here.

Available materials:
1. Full Visual Basic 2008 and 2010 RC source code
2. XPS Document with explanations
3. Video tutorial about add-in's usage (in webcast style)
4. Installer package (which contains binary add-in, source code, documentation and video), only for Visual Studio 2008

Programming techniques you can learn

1. Fundamentals of add-in programming
2. Fundamentals of how manage elements in the Visual Studio IDE
3. Use of LINQ-to-Xml and XML Literals in VB 2008/2010 for creating XML Documents from scratch
4. Techniques for checking permissions to write files and show UI elements according to .NET Code Access Security
5. Data-binding between DataGridView controls and generic collections

The run-time binary installer for VS 2008 features CyberInstaller Suite.
Developed by Alessandro Del Sole, Microsoft MVP
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Alessandro Del Sole

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